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Plastic & Composite Films
    Bar Soap Wrappers
    Printed paper and plastic base wrappers in up to 3 layers for packing soap bars with anti-fungus paper and anti-mold treatment. Designed for high-speed machines
    Form Fill Seal Film
    Printed tube form-fill-seal (FFS) films in rolls with two-side print of up to four colors, side gusset and embossed materials for packing detergent powders with FFS machinery
    Laminated Plastic Bags
    Laminated pouches in rolls for packing powder laundry detergent or washing powder
    Mono-Layer Film
    Printed PE mono-layer bags in rolls for packing powder detergent
    Printed Labels
    Custom-printed PE stretch sleeve labels or roll-fed labels for wrapping liquid detergent and cleaning solution bottles and containers
    Sachet Packaging for Shampoo
    Multi-layer laminated film suitable for packing shampoo with specialty inks to withstand high temperatures on packing machines
    Shrink Film
    Clear or printed shrink wrap film and shrink hood rolls with excellent shrinking ratio to ensure product stability during frequent transport and product protection against shock and sun radiation
    Stretch Film
    Machine stretch film, manual stretch film, pallet covers, stretch hood films and power pre-stretch films; transparent or color co-extruded film for quality wrapping
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